Company overview

Vatsala Group of Companies fly its wings with the aim of expansion in Education field from aviation to Medical courses (UG and PG) program in Abroad providing best guidance to the students. Vatsala Group of Companies provides access to quality medical education, Information packages on course details, eligibility criteria, counseling the students, assisting them in Visa processing and guiding them to shape the career.

“Vatsala Group of Companies” provides a world of opportunities for students who aim to pursue quality medical education as it understands the value of excellent education, lifelong learning, and difficulty of pursuing an admission to a reputed medical institution, resettling, transferring and obtaining a license to practice abroad. To aid parents and prospective students, Vatsala Group of Companies had been developing partnerships with world-class medical institutions around the globe to get best medical education and to ensure that they achieve the abounding life they are aspiring for. Medical Admission in a medical school is highly competitive market. There are far fewer seats than applicants. Vatsala Group of Companies, through its partnership program, has been able to secure more seats, giving greater opportunities to pursue career and access to a world-class medical curriculum, learning from the best in medical field and friendly environment. After the completion of your Medical degree, we shall advise you on residency and internship programs.

At present Vatsala Group of Companies provide the world’s finest abroad Medical Education to those interested in global careers. The Academy has specialized programs for this fast-growing sector. The group is fortunate to be managed by a variety of exceptionally well qualified faculty members from different backgrounds. Vatsala Group of Companies offer world class training in theory as well as the practical and also helps out the deserving individuals’ internship. For Its intensive growth Vatsala Group of Companies has tie up with the countries like Philippines, Georgia & Kyrgyzstan.
We are committed to bring excellence and professionalism to the realm of Education Training.

Our mission

Our mission is to help students understand and obtain genuine information on higher education programs in India and abroad, to prepare them for their career and help they realize their dream of quality and modern education. Considering the dynamic environment and economy in today scenario, requirement for specialized and professional education has increased to keep in sync with the modern times market needs in which the education system has been changed. Universities around the world are now focusing on imparting modern learning to the students. Amongst the large number of universities at option and plethora of courses available, it becomes difficult for the students to make the right choices. Several parameters are of utmost importance in order to make the right choice, like, future prospects of the course, university reputation, faculty, infrastructure, location, accommodation, food etc.
At our end, the team consists of professionals and education experts to guide the student who have been in education field for more than 15 years.
About further study in India and abroad, we advise tailor-made career paths to students based on their individual profiles, in terms of educational, financial or personal backgrounds.
Vatsala Group of Companies (Higher and Professional Education) provides a range of services to help students realize these career plans. We have collaborated with universities, accommodation and food facilities to make the whole process smoother and devoid of cumbersome procedures.